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Q. How do you determine your fee?
A. Manscaping can be a very personal and intimate service, more so than giving a haircut or even a massage. Our fee includes set up and clean up time and related expenses (laundering of linens, equipment sanitization, etc.). Please see SERVICES page for pricing.

Q. How long does a typical appointment take?
A. That depends on how many areas we will be trimming. Most appointments take less than an hour.

Q. Why should I choose ManScapePRO for my trimming needs?
A. We are experienced, discreet, and most men feel more comfortable being trimmed by another man.

Q. Why should I choose trimming over waxing?
A. Many people have sensitive skin and can have bad reactions to waxing including bumps and ingrown hairs that can sometimes last for weeks (even months). Also, many cannot tolerate the pain associated with waxing. Most of our clients have no issues with trimming whatsoever.

Q. Where does this service take place?
A. Your appointment will take place in a private residence with complete privacy. A shower is available for rinsing off after your appointment if you desire. Please see our CONTACT page for location.

Q. Is your service discreet?
A. Yes, the privacy of our clients is of utmost importance.

Q. Who performs the service?
A. We currently have two male trimmers that have 10+ years of experience in body grooming. In some cases, both trimmers will assist at different times if the job is lengthy. For privacy reasons, we do not take or post before/after photos.

Q. Is parking available?
A. Yes, street parking is available in various two-hour zones as well as some metered parking in the neighborhood.

Q. Are you Metro accessible?
A. Yes, we are a short walk from both the McPherson Square (Orange Line, 4 blocks) and Dupont Circle (Red Line, 10-15 minute walk) Metro stops.


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