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To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, please email us at: (address and phone number are provided upon confirmation of appointment). The preferred method for setting up appointments is by email.

Please answer these brief questions in your initial email:
1) What area(s) do you want trimmed or electric shaved (please indicate preferred method (trimmed or to skin with electric razor) for each area)?
2) Do you have a history of razor bumps or skin sensitivity to hair removal of any kind (if yes, please explain)?
3) Were you referred by anyone (please indicate who)?
** 10% discount for referring new clients **

Tips are greatly appreciated. Please provide several days notice when scheduling an appointment and twenty-four hours advance notice if you have to cancel, as appointment slots are limited.

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Body Hair Trimming And Shaving For Men In The Washington, DC Metro Area






Located in Northwest Washington, DC
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